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Honey tangerines are small citrus fruits with a flattened oval shape. They have thin, pale orange rinds with conspicuous oil glands which give its surface a pebbled texture. The volatile oils in the rind give off a flavorful aroma. The rind is loosely attached to the pale orange, juicy flesh. As their name implies, Honey tangerines are sweet with notes of honey and spice.

Honey tangerines are most often eaten fresh or used for their juice. Use their juice and zest in beverages and smoothies or frozen desserts. Add fresh segments to breakfast dishes and green salads. Pair with fresh herbs, honey, white wines, almonds, tropical fruits and aged cheeses. Honey tangerines will keep at room temperature for up to a week, and can be refrigerated for extended storage.


Country of Origin: China

Quantity: 1 Packet (