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The Santa Claus melon, sometimes known as Christmas melon or piel de sapo (toad skin), is a variety of melon originating in Spain that grows to about a foot in length and is ovoid in shape. It has a thick, green-striped outer rind and pale green to honeydew melons.

It has a blotched green peel after which it is named in Spanish (piel de sapo translates as "toad skin"). A closely related melon with the same shape, but with yellow peel is known as 'Amarillo' or canary melon. Inside is a mellow and mildly flavored, pale-greenish flesh very similar to that of a honeydew. The ripest Santa Claus melon will have soft blossom ends that yield to gentle pressure and a vibrant yellow hue.



Country of Origin: Spain

Quantity: 1 Piece (Whole Fruit)