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Harumanis mangoes have a vibrant green skin with large, light-yellow dots. The fruit maintains its green coloring even when ripe and is ready to eat right off the tree. Arumanis mangoes have an overall elongated and elliptical shape; they are slightly larger than palm-size and can weigh up to one pound. The skin is thick, and tough, protecting the soft flesh within. The lemon yellow flesh has a strong, sweet aroma and flavor with a slightly bitter aftertaste. The flesh is thick and juicy and mostly fiberless. Arumanis mangoes have a medium-sized stone.

Harumanis mangoes, like other mango varieties, are high in vitamins A and C and many essential nutrients and minerals. They contain potassium, iron, calcium and magnesium. Arumanis mangoes are also high in soluble fiber. Drinking the juice of an Arumanis mango is said to have a refreshing and hydrating effect on the body


Country of Origin: Indonesia

Quantity: 1 Piece