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Toki apples are moderately sized, round to conical fruits with a somewhat uniform shape. The skin is smooth and firm, ripening from green to pale yellow-green when mature, and is covered in prominent brown spots or lenticels. The skin also periodically showcases a faint, red-coral blush on the side most exposed to the sun during cultivation. Underneath the surface, the flesh is crisp, dense, aqueous, and white to ivory, encasing a central core filled with small, black-brown seeds. Toki apples are aromatic, crunchy, and are known for their very sweet flavor mixed with a tart, mild acidity.

This modern cultivar was bred for its sweet flavor, unique coloring, and crisp flesh, and is a cross between Japanese fuji and ourin apples. Toki apples are named after their original breeder in the Aomori prefecture and are considered to be an improved variety created to expand the yellow apple market in Japan.


Country of Origin: Toki Denshiro, Aomori prefecture, Japan

Quantity: 1 Piece